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If you are living in a rented property, your landlord has a responsibility under law to make sure all gas appliances in your home are safe. All gas appliances should be inspected at least once a year and faulty appliances should be repaired or replaced by the landlord.

Norwich City Council as a responsible landlord, and working with Gasway, carries out annual gas safety inspections in our tenants’ homes, and we work very hard to make sure that we gain access before your inspection becomes overdue.

If you are renting a property privately and your landlord is not scheduling annual gas safety inspections, or if a gas appliance in your home has not been repaired even though it is not safe, your landlord is committing a crime and this could be putting your life or the lives of your family in danger.

Arranging access for your annual gas safety inspection

Norwich City Council as a landlord is responsible for carrying out over 15,500 gas safety inspections on an annual basis. In order to achieve this, we work very closely with Gasway.

We will write to you eight weeks before the annual safety inspection is due. We will provide an appointment that can be changed for your convenience. If we attend on the appointed day and time, and are unable to access the property, we will leave a calling card advising you that we have been, and we will write to you again, providing a further appointment.

If you miss two appointments, we will notify your neighbourhood housing officer that we have been unable to contact you to carry out this important inspection. Your neighbourhood housing officer will also try to make contact with you to schedule a convenient day and time for Gasway to attend.

We will write to you again, advising you of the final appointment, and also notifying you of the charges that will be made if you miss this third appointment. It is very important that you allow us access on or before this appointment date, as missing this appointment is not only a breach of your tenancy agreement, but will put you and your home at risk, as you annual safety inspection will then be overdue and we can no longer certify your property as being ‘gas safe.’

The charge for missing a third appointment is £71.57*. Should we need to take any further action to gain access to your property, you may incur further charges, such as the cost of a magistrate’s warrant to gain legal access to your home (£18*), a fee for a carpenter to change your lock (£77.20*), and a further fee for a gas safe registered engineer to attend the property (£35.78*).

In addition to carrying out gas servicing, we also need to carry out other checks. This includes checking any LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) units, electric heaters, solid fuel appliances, district heating and any other forms of heating you are using, as well as any gas piping. Please do not ignore our letters, even if gas is not your main form of heating.

For further information, please contact Gasway directly on 01603 258617.

* prices were correct at time of publication. Please contact Norwich City Council for further details.

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